Custom Rugs and Kilims

Araby Rug Galleries in Falmouth, Maine has extensive experience in producing custom handwoven oriental or modern rugs and kilims for retail customers, designers and institutions. We visit your home to make the best recommendations uniquely tailored to your needs and to your setting. 

Here you see how enriching it is to have just what you want. For example, with our guidance, our customers near Blue Hill, Maine, choose the colors, the design and the sizes that best fit their new waterfront home with an eye to having their flat weave kilims harmonize with their paintings, furniture, accessories and their beautiful surroundings. 

With Araby Rug Galleries, you are able to chose your own.

See our gallery for examples of custom work.



We have a myriad of designs to choose from, or we can translate your design ideas into the right scale for your rooms. 

curtiswool naturaldyes2.jpg


We use only sustainable handspun, all natural, high lanolin sheep's wool and have 'color blanket' samples from which to choose just the right shades. We can also mix colors to achieve the effect you are looking for. 



We can guide you to select the knot count that the design you choose needs. A more detailed design may call for a finer knot count. A more relaxed open design may look best with a looser weave. 



Are you thinking of a waterfront, cottage look? Or something more classic and traditional? Or perhaps an ethnic or tribal design? You may also choose a flat weave kilim, a close piled rug or a plushy dense rug to suit your taste. 



The most distinct advantage of custom pieces is that they can be any size or shape. We are the contemporary and oriental carpet design specialists in Maine, producing oversize pieces up to 24 by 30 feet.



Handmade pieces take anywhere from as little as 4-6 months to complete depending on the weave and the type of rug or kilim you choose. All of our custom clients find the wait to be worth it to get exactly what they want. 


Often custom pieces are not much more expensive than ready made, they just take time to achieve.


"We live only to discover beauty. All else is a form of waiting."

- Khalil Gibran