All natural, and pure art

Welcome to Araby Rug Galleries, offering Maine's premier selection of handwoven antique and modern oriental carpets and kilims.

Each of our carefully selected carpets and kilims meets our exacting standards for quality, beauty, and durability. We choose rugs that showcase the very best qualities of the weaver's art. Fine natural wools, entrancing colors, integrity of design and true quality are our touchstones. Whether woven years ago or by the master weavers of today, each Araby rug is hand selected to celebrate and sustain a timeless form and way of life. 

Handwoven, handspun and naturally dyed wool carpets are free of chemicals and made from renewable botanical substances like madder, cochineal, chamomile, walnut shells and pomegranate. Handspinning helps retain the natural lanolin in sheep's wool, increasing stain resistance without the use of noxious substances. An Araby Rug Galleries carpet is sustainably and ethically made, naturally stain resistant, a lifetime investment and a stunning work of art. 

To browse our collection or inquire about hand washing, restoration and appraisals, visit our showroom conveniently located at 305 US Route One in Falmouth, Maine.