Restoration & Repair

Has your oriental rug or carpet been damaged by children, pets, insects, or furniture? Has your carpet been stored in a damp or flooded basement? Is your rug fraying at the edges or ends? Does your carpet have low or bald spots in the pile from foot traffic or age? Is your carpet fading or discolored? Oriental rugs and carpets are long-term investments and proper repair and restoration and preserve and enhance their value.

From simple repairs to large scale restoration projects, Araby Rug Galleries is able to provide your rugs with the expert care your oriental rug requires. 

Our first step is an honest assessment about the work your carpet needs, and a realistic description of the results you may expect from our team. The seasoned restorers of Araby Rug Galleries specialize in re-weaving and delicate repair work using the very best materials and the most authentic techniques. We will provide you with an accurate estimate of both time and costs, and assist you in transporting your rug to our showroom for evaluation and/or repair.

Catching repairs early saves your rug from more extensive and costly work later.

Call us at 207-781-3686 to schedule an appointment for an evaluation either in our shop or in your home, or by filling out the form below.



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