Have you ever wondered how your oriental rug or carpet used to look before dust, pollen, pets or family took their toll? Handwoven oriental rugs and carpets must be regularly handwashed in order to preserve the wool's natural oils and the integrity of their dyes.

Proper handwashing also ensures that your rug maintains its innate lanolin and luster for optimum stain resistance and brilliance. At Araby Rug Galleries, our handwashing technique is specifically tailored to the rug you bring us. We take into account your oriental carpet's age, structural integrity, wool and dyes before beginning the cleaning process. 

Our first step is dusting and/or tumbling the rug. Then we hand-scrub any stains using natural techniques passed down through many generations. Our third step is a thorough hand wash with our specially formulated low pH soap, followed by a cleansing rinse. The rug is then thoroughly dried before being rolled – a vitally important step often overlooked by commercial cleaners. Steam or machine cleaning may ruin your rugs and lessen their value.

If your oriental rug or carpet has suffered from hard use or damage that handwashing cannot reverse, we can advise you on repair and restoration. 

All rugs are hand washed on our conveniently located premises on Route One in Falmouth, Maine. Need our assistance transporting a rug to be cleaned? Schedule a pickup or delivery by sending us an email or calling 207-781-3686 today.